House Buying Guide

Looking to buy a new home? Congrats! While it can be a bit intimidating to know where to begin, we’re here to help. Our trusty guide will walk you through everything from doing initial research to finally settling in. Best of all? You can actually enjoy the process!

1. Budget

Your mortgage advisor at UKMC will be able to speak to you about your affordability so you know what price range to look at when searching for your home!

2. Search

With your affordability determined, you can start to look on Rightmove and Zoopla to see what is available in the areas you like. Not got the time to scroll through Rightmove and Zoopla? Let your Property Matchmaker know what you want your next home to have, and we will do the searching for you!

3. Offering on a property

You’ve found your dream home, and you’ve made an offer; make sure you have your Proof of Funds or Agreement in Principle ready so that you can send to your estate agent to get the offer qualified as soon as possible.

4. The legal process

You will need a Conveyancer to handle the legal process of purchasing and selling property; luckily we have a team of local advisors that can provide a quote instantly and provide updates through every step of the transaction so you know exactly where your sale and purchase are up to.

5. Get a Survey

You have the right to know the condition and value of the property. A property survey will provide valuable information to buyers, helping you to make informed decisions and avoid potential problems down the line.

6. Exchange Contracts

Your Conveyancer will work toward Exchange and Completion. Upon exchange of contracts, everything is now legally; contracts are drawn up and signed by both parties and from this point on, no party is allowed to withdrawn from the purchase or sale.

7. Moving Day

Your Property Matchmaker will keep you updated with all important dates throughout the process. Moving Day can be the most stressful, but we will do everything we can to make this is as seamless as possible. Need the number of a Removal Company? Or perhaps some help re-directing your post to your new address – let your Property Matchmaker know and we will take the stress out for you.

8. Finally

Finally, it’s time to celebrate and enjoy your new home! Take some time to appreciate your hard work as you have successfully navigated the home-buying process and now own a piece of property to call your own.

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