real5 Estates Referral Fee

At real5 Estates, powered by Open House, we have a unique referral offering just for you. We give a referral fee to individuals who refer others to sell their house with us, pretty simple!

For every home referred, there will be a £200 referral fee paid to the individual for your first 10 houses, anything over that, guess what? We give you more. The referral fee then rises to £300!

  • The referral fee allows people to earn money simply by recommending real5 Estates to potential home sellers.
  • Our referral program is an innovative way to attract new clients while rewarding customers, friends, family and members of the real5 Network.
  • At real5 Estates, we pride ourselves on being an exciting and modern estate agency, and the referral fee is just one way we strive to stand out from competitors.
  • With real5 Estates, individuals not only have the opportunity to sell their home through a trusted agency but also earn money by referring their friends and family.

So, what are you waiting for? Fill out the form on this page and start earning money through simple word of mouth by referring real5 Estates to anyone you know who is looking for their next move.


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